Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland’s West Coast

The West Coast of Ireland is absolutely gorgeous.

The Wild Atlantic Way goes from Donegal in the far North to Kinsale, County Cork.  Unfortunately I have never made it south of Galway on this route, but would love to go again some day.

Malin Head, Donegal


Achill Island, County Mayo

Croagh Patrick, County Mayo

Connemara, County Mayo. Kylemore Abbey on the bottom left.

38 thoughts on “Wild Atlantic Way – Ireland’s West Coast

  1. Wow! Ireland looks so amazing with all those beautiful mountains, fascinating castles and the vast blue sea. Definitely a must visit destination. Thanks for sharing this lovely post. Hope to to see this place some day! 🙂

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  2. Bravo! this looks fantastic. I don’t think I ever saw gothic architecture surrounded by such a beautiful landscape. Definenetly something new for me! Thaks for sharing.

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  3. The west coast of Ireland looks like a wonderful place to visit. I have been to northern Ireland, to the northern coast line… but this looks so wild and windswept… I must definitely add it to my must visit list 🙂

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  4. Thanks for viewing and liking my blog, you’d love Death Valley California, the name aside. You have a great eye and technical skills and I’m greatly cheered that you can’t shoot a straight horizon either. My Sony mirror-less has every doodad and feature except a sight level. Ireland is always said to be green and lovely and your pics prove it true. Good travel posts like yours probably lower tourism: “Don’t need to take the trip now, this guy nailed it. And his pics are better than mine would have been.” Thanks for doing the hard work of travel and photography for us. Bookmarked your site.

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