In honour of St Patrick’s Day it seems fitting to share another post about Ireland. I have previously posted about Western Ireland and travelling along the Wild Atlantic Way. One of my favourite areas along the route was Connemara.


While I didn’t see any, the region is home to the Connemara Pony. Legend has it that these horses descend from those onboard galleons of the Spanish Armada which ran aground in 1588.


The rugged coastline, mountains and peat bogs give this region a wild and exotic atmosphere. A large proportion of the local population also speak the Irish language.


It took me a ridiculous amount of tries to get this photo, and you can still barely see it. But if you look closely you can just make out a salmon jumping in the water.



5 thoughts on “Connemara

  1. Nice pics, and so appropriate! Made up for the bad day yesterday when I found out that the big box store where I buy my Guinness decided not to stock it anymore, and just before St. Patty’s day, to boot!

    As I drink one today in honor of the Irish, of whom I might be partly one, I think it appropriate to tell a good Irish joke.

    Two priests are walking down a country lane, taking in the sunshine and fresh air, when suddenly they spot Jesus Christ, Himself, approaching them. They turn to each other and one asks, “Father O’Malley, what shall we do?” “The older priest tells the younger one to run back to the Rectory and telephone the Vatican, asking for guidance.”

    In a short time, he returns huffing and puffing. “Well, what did they say?” asks the older priest.

    “Father O’Malley, they said to look like we are busy!”

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  2. Great post. We took the Wild Atlantic Way last June, when we reprised a similar trip to our 1977 honeymoon visit to Ireland. Loved the beauty and ruggedness of this road. Who knew it could take so long to drive so little distance through so much beauty?

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