A Seaweed Bath in Sligo

Fancy taking a seaweed bath? Sligo on Ireland’s West Coast is the place to go!

While I was tricked into this by my wife, I do have to say it was an enjoyable adventure. The experience started with ancient steam box, was followed by a slightly slimy but very relaxing seaweed bath, and ended with a cold seawater shower.

Historical, environmentally friendly and apparently good for you. What’s not to like?


Sligo itself is a pretty coastal town and in my experience has some of the friendliest Bed & Breakfasts Ireland has to offer.

9 thoughts on “A Seaweed Bath in Sligo

      1. It’s been my dream since I met my first Irish person I believe, so before I was born. Well, I’m in a transitional stage now anyway, so I might just relocate to Ireland in the end. The world is my oyster now. For the time being.

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