Life in the UK Test

As part of my application for “indefinite leave to remain” in the UK I had to take a life in the UK test. The study materials include UK history, politics and culture.

Not knowing what to expect, I bought a study guide and read through it a couple times, then tried a number of practice tests.

I found the history section interesting and fairly straightforward, although l did spend some time trying to come up with ways to remember things like the order in which Henry VIII married his wives.

The politics section was also easy enough to wrap my mind around, having studied Canada’s parliamentary system in school.

The culture section was the hardest for me to remember. The names of comedians, film directors and paralympians seem to slip out of my memory all too quickly.

The good news is I passed. The test itself was rather less difficult than finding a place to park in London.

If you are interested in the types of questions on the test, you can try a practice version here.

And this is a copy of the study guide I used to prepare:

9 thoughts on “Life in the UK Test

  1. Interesting and fun to check your knowledge against locals, though, in your case it was more important than that. I wasn’t aware that Great Britain required anything like this. My daughter just went through a residency application so she could live in London, and a cousin is struggling with the formalities required to take a chemistry postdoc at Cambridge. Everything used to be easier, the standard commentary of an old person.

    Congratulations on your passing score, though it would have been difficult for me to believe that anyone with your background would fail.

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    1. Thank you. And yes, I agree that it used to be easier. I missed the old two-year residency requirement policy by just over a year. By the time I started the process this had increased to five years.

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    1. I got 21 out of 24, too. Missed some dates of important acts of parliament. I think I would have had to have had a British secondary school history course to get those right. My impression was that some questions were ridiculously easy, while a few called for more than general knowledge. Two of the three I missed because I over thought them: my first guesses were right.

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