Al Fassia

One of my first introductions to Moroccan food was at the Al Fassia Restaurant in the heart of Windsor, England. I have since tried Moroccan food in Morocco itself, and this has only served to whet my appetite even more.

And so whenever we can find a good enough excuse, my wife and I book a table at Al Fassia. The staff are exceptionally welcoming, the atmosphere is lovely, and the food is unbeatable.

Here are the different chicken tagines we ordered on our most recent trip there. Tagines get their name from the clay pot in which they are cooked. The slow heat and the blend of spices used make these dishes absolutely mouthwatering. They are served with cous cous or saffron rice.

3 thoughts on “Al Fassia

  1. I’m happy you enjoy Moroccan cooking, and I am always interested in articles about it. Living in Morocco I virtually never ate in Moroccan restaurants. If I did eat out, French food was what I ordered. Indeed, it was difficult to order Moroccan food outside of food stands, dives, and big hotels in the major cities! There were a few exceptions such as the kifta stands in Khemisset, anD hrira to break the Ramadan fast when I wasn’t at home.

    Moroccan food for me was home cooking. I had a maid who made one meal and baked bread daily, and Moroccan friends often invited me for Muslim holidays and special occasions. Most of the people I knew were not well off, but I can truly say I never had a bad meal in a Moroccan home.

    Couscous was homemade, and always a main dish, flavored with smin, a clarified butter, as well as cooked meats and vegetables. Tajines were always eaten with bread, the real staple of Moroccan life.

    Everyone always ate with fingers from a common plate, and if you were a guest, the host would pick pieces of meat and offer them to you. The common refrain was kul, kul (eat, eat), and hospitality was always evident. The bread was used to sop up the tajine sauces. Though couscous could be eaten by hand, everyone used spoon_far more practical.

    A kettle and basin were offered to wash ones hands before, but especially after dinner. I only knew the food of my region and lower classes of people, but it was outstanding.

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