Lahori White Qorma – قورمہ

For my birthday I was given a subscription to the Spicery. The way it works is that each month I am sent a box of spices and a recipe for a four-person meal. The spices are blended for different dishes and range from whole spices to ground spices, some that I would probably have in my spice rack, others that I would not normally stock.

This month I got the spices and recipe for Lahori White Qorma. Lahore is a city in Pakistan with a proud culinary history, influenced by the surrounding Punjabi culture and the city’s Mughal heritage.

Step One: buying all the necessary ingredients for the 5 different elements to the meal.


Step Two: Peeling, chopping and preparing. I enjoy cooking more when I have the ingredients organised, tidy and ready to go.


Step Three: Cooking the different elements to the dish. Pomegranate and cucumber salad, tomato chutney, cauliflower curry, saffron rice and the Qorma itself. I enjoyed trying some new techniques in these recipes.

The cauliflower curry involved dry frying the cauliflower for about ten minutes until it was slightly scorched, then boiled in a spice mixture with the lid on, simmered without the lid until the liquid had evaporated, and finally topped with lemon juice and fresh coriander.

The Qorma was made with whole spices such as mace, cardamom and cinnamon and a blended sauce that included fried onions, cashew nuts and sesame seeds.


Step Four: Plating up. All of the elements turned out fairly well. As a whole the meal was delicious. I am not usually a huge fan of cauliflower, but I did love it cooked in this way. Another favourite for me was the saffron rice.




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