Dorset, UK: Yurts, Sunken Paths and The Village of Beer — More Native Than The Natives

Bravo from Other Side Of The Mountains has spilled the beans on what a trip to the South Coast is like and what the best things to do there are! For anyone looking for a short getaway, Dorset is worth exploring. Twice now my wife and I have taken micro-holidays in there. There was lots […]

via Dorset, UK: Yurts, Sunken Paths and The Village of Beer — More Native Than The Natives

5 thoughts on “Dorset, UK: Yurts, Sunken Paths and The Village of Beer — More Native Than The Natives

  1. Well, as an American who has only spend a week in London after debarquing from an old Cunard liner at Liverpool, my knowledge of England is sadly deficient. My local CBC TV station in good old T.O. broadcasts Escape to the Country, and day by day I find my knowledge of British geography (and real estate) increasing exponentially. There is HGTV on cable here, but it doesn’t limit itself to Britain, @nd the formula is valid, if not phony. Typically, “…we want a four bedroom, two bath flat with a garden close to the center of the city for $600 per month.” Yes, I too would like to win a lottery, but I certainly have lost interest in some real estate agent trying to satisfy impossible demand. Escape to the Country usually deals with properties that are properly within the price range of the clients.

    In the course of watching this tv show, I have learned a fair amount, some important, some trivial, and I am gradually getting to the point of being able to generate a mental map of the Home Counties. It may be entertainment for the Brits, but it is education for me, and it fits nicely into informing the watching of British TV as well as reading.

    So after this long intro, thanks for the post on Dorset, which I can locate without having ever been there.

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    1. Well your geography is better than mine. I did not have a clue about counties in England until moving here a few years ago. I do know the programme Escape to the Country 🙂


  2. Last a disclaimer: when I was abroad, I listened to the world service of the BBC, mentioned in an earlier post, so my knowledge of Britain isn’t nil, just a little disembodied.

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