In the Canadian Rockies

I enjoy a lot of things about living in the UK but there are definitely things that I miss about Canada. One of these things is being able to escape into the Canadian wilderness. The UK does have beautiful countryside and wild coasts. But the vast wilderness areas of Canada are unique and have shaped me in a number of ways.

I have loved trees and forests for as long as I can remember.  During the summers in between university I planted trees in Western Canada. The work was grueling but well-paid, and kindled a love for the coniferous forests of BC and Alberta. After one of these summers I cycled back to Saskatchewan from BC, through the stunning Jasper National Park. As I entered the never-ending prairies of Alberta and Saskatchewan, I felt a twinge of sadness. Leaving the comfort of the mountains and forests behind, I somehow felt more lonely and exposed, especially when looking for places to pitch my tent at night.

And then there is the smell of coniferous trees. It is the smell of Christmas. The smell of freshly cut wood also brings back many happy memories of woodworking and is one of the reasons I became an Industrial Arts/Design & Technology teacher.



My wife came with me to Canada for the first time in 2013, and I had been away from Canada for a number of years, so we took a few days holiday in Banff. Here are some photos from that trip. As we hiked up a trail near Lake Louise, my soul drank deeply from the beauty around me. The views, the smell of pine and spruce, the sound of silence. I had missed this more than I knew.


11 thoughts on “In the Canadian Rockies

  1. My experience with Canadian nature is three weeks of sleep over camp when we lived in Toronto briefly. I’m more of a city person, but it was awesome. Ditto Maine. Finland reminded me a lot of Canada / ME. And the clouds from the plane. Never saw clouds like the ones when we flew to Toronto. And I’m not exactly someone who stayed in one place.

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  2. Oh these pics take me back! I grew up in Vancouver but left when I was 12! I’ve not had the chance to go back since, would love to… even more now! Great post ✌️

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  3. Great Post. Jasper is our favourite park in the Rockies. We go there as often as we can. Will have some upcoming posts in a couple of weeks from our Fathers’ Day trip. Jasper is like National Parks were intended to be rather than a shopping center with mountain scenery. Allan

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