Vasquez Rocks

The razor’s edge of dusty stone reaches up toward the piercing blue of the sky, majestically softened by strands of woolly vapor. It’s a place for the testing of limbs against the unyielding incline of the stone marked by years of rain and wind, and for the testing of courage against the sheer drop of the cliff’s edge.

It’s no surprise that Star Trek was filmed here, and even less the Flintstones movie. The stark barrenness of the jutting rock has stood the test of time, tying the prehistoric to the futuristic. Where the unforgiving rock has softened into coarse, dry soil, cedar shrubs and thorn bushes create the perfect chaparral environment, ready to burn at the smallest spark, ready to spring to life again at the smallest drop of rain. What has been will be again, and what remains stands firm.

One thought on “Vasquez Rocks

  1. We lived in LA for 6 years and visited Vasquez several times. We actually walked through the Flintstone movie set when it was being filmed there. Such an amazing place! It is like taking a walk back in time 😊

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