Painting Kabul

October Break 429

As I have written previously, I love the city of Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Shortly before moving to the UK to get married I bought this painting from a shop on Kabul’s Chicken Street as a Christmas present for my fiance. It has been hanging on a wall in our living room ever since we got married and is a reminder of our shared passion for travel.


Chicken Street has shops that generally cater to tourists, selling handicrafts and antiques. With carpets, lapis lazuli, leather, swords, flintlocks and costumes some shops are an Aladdin’s cave of treasures.

Paintings are an easy souvenir to travel with. I removed the frame and rolled up the canvas and then made a new frame on arrival to the UK.

I had not heard of the artist – Ghulam Seddiq – when I bought the painting from him, but later looked up his Facebook page and have since become a fan of his work. I hope his business is still running well.




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