Saskatchewan: Land of Living Skies

Here in the UK, when people find out I am from Canada, they often tell me about holidays they have had there.

“I’ve been to Banff.”

“Niagara Falls”


But when I tell them I am from Saskatchewan I get blank looks. “Saska-what?”

“It’s the part of Canada that everyone skips over when they go on holiday,” I tend to explain.

Saskatchewan may not yet be a tourist hot-spot, but the “Land of Living Skies” does have its own charm for more laid-back travelers who are not on a whistle-stop tour.

4 thoughts on “Saskatchewan: Land of Living Skies

  1. Saskatchewan is the place where you really begin to understand the vastness of the Prairies. Manitoba is too flat, and Winnipeg a transition. Heck there are even communities like Ste. Boniface where French is spoken! Too close to Ontario! Even with all that Canadian Shield and those Great Lakes between Manitoba, and the bankers of Toronto.

    If you are riding the train or, better, if you are driving, the land goes on and on, with only a grain elevator here or there along the tracks.

    By the time you get to Alberta, your mind is on the mountains, even though you are still a very long ways away.

    But Saskatchewan means something more to me: this was the land of the C.C.C., where Tommy Douglas was Premier for years, and where socialized medicine first appeared in North America.

    If you don’t recognize the name,Tommy Douglas, just do a web search on his terrific White Cat/ Black Cat speech, preferably the one narrated by his grandson, Kiefer Sutherland.

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